noel o callaghan berlin


This work came about during the lock-down. As all life-drawing sessions were suspended, I began sorting through my recent drawings, rejecting some and enlarging on others – I let the poses suggest something. In this 3-minute pose the model is sitting on a stool with her left leg and arm upraised. I find stool poses uninspiring and felt that the energy of the gesture spoke of something more dramatic. First the horse appeared to me…maybe Lady Godiva? Then the wing…Pegasus, perhaps? As the title came to me, I realised the work could also be a metaphor for the precarious life of the artist. In my interpretation, the rider/sprite, naked and vulnerable, with the fragility of only one wing, is borne along astride the Green Mare of the imagination.

Drawing from Life


Pet Parade was a Public Art Project by Noël O´Callaghan and dougfender which took place in Berlin-Neukölln in 2006, 2007, 2008. The first such parade in Europe brought a wide assortment of pets and their people together in a harmonious and colourful intervention. An extensive documentation exhibition took place in 2009 in Galerie am Saalbau, … Read more


Installation & Object


Red Zone (1995 – 2008)

Flowergirl, watercolour, graphite and dried flower, 2011

Flower Folk (2011 – now)

Moving model

noel o callaghan berlin