March 2017: New Watercolour workshop with Noël

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Sat/Sun – 4/5th – March – 2017

10:30am – 4:30pm


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This watercolour workshop which is energetic and bold in direction, takes inspiration from fauvism and expressionism, and artists such as Turner and Emile Nolde. While using classical techniques and concepts such as washes, layering, perspective, figure, foreground and background, the emphasis will be on embracing the dynamic nature of the material, enjoying its sensuality and fluidity rather than academicism.

I will give a brief demonstration and talk, and then students will create their own pieces while receiving personal attention and instruction.

We will explore aspects of paper, colour theory and colour recipes, mark-making, and negative space; and practice exercises which take the fear and nervousness out of making a watercolour.

We will concentrate on striking the balance between delicacy, strength and intensity which makes for a vibrant, lively and modern watercolour, whether landscape, figure or still life. We will also look at ways of rescuing ‘failed’ works in what is often considered an unforgiving medium.

At the end of the workshop all students will have made a successful watercolour which they will want to frame.

Materials required are:
basic set of watercolours,
three watercolour brushes (small, medium and large);
five A4 sheets or a pad of medium weight watercolour paper,

if possible in a mix of ‘rough’, ‘hot-pressed’ and ‘not’; five A4 sheets of cartridge paper.