Installation & Object

The Pantyhose of History ─ assemblage of ready-mades ─ three pairs of tights in original packaging. Presence, absence and void in packaging design as a palimpsest of historical texture. In 2001, shortly after 9/11, I went to my local department store in Berlin, 'Karstadt'. They do a line of hosiery brand called 'Hudson' which is meant to exude a touch of New York glamour. The packaging motif was always a model against the New York skyline. Realising that this would be soon altered, I bought a few packs of different styles. After about six months I thought enough time had elapsed for new stock to have arrived so I checked this out and sure enough there was the same model against the same skyline from which the Twin towers had been removed. Their cast shadow remains on the adjacent building. I thought this solution rather weird and felt it wouldn't be around very long so a year later I returned again to the department store. In the new stock the skyline had been erased and the same model is left alone in the space.
The Pantyhose of History – assemblage of ready-mades-3 pairs of tights in original packaging. Click on image for story behind this